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want to do this to one of my guitars were the neck pickup is proprietary and sucks ass. i need good direction because i am new at this. thanks the switch in. 3 May RS Guitarworks tech Billy shows how to wire a 3-way toggle switch. 4 Oct Now that we've made friends with the Tele's 3-way switch [“Inside the 3-way Telecaster Pickup Switch,” October ], it's time to learn how to install it correctly and find out what those lugs really do. From reading countless emails, I know one of the main problems guitarists encounter installing a new switch.

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Can I use one of the switches to split coil the Dimarzio rail? If the pickup sucks as you say, switching options isn't going to fix it. If we don't know what kind of control cavity you have its impossible to properly advise you. Late for a meeting. One thing for bigcocks head. pickups threeway


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