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5 Mar But the life of a redhead isn't all pain and suffering; a study led last year by researcher Lars Arendt-Nielson revealed that redheaded women are actually less sensitive to stinging sensations (like that of a pinprick) than either blondes or brunettes. So what's going on here? Researchers aren't entirely sure. 11 Aug Genetically speaking, redheads are mutants. They may not wear capes or fight crime like the ones we see in comic books but, as a growing body of research shows, they might have special powers. In the past five years, researchers have found that the genetic mutation responsible for redhead's ruby. 25 Oct Redheads are rumored feel more pain and need more painkillers than their blonde and brown-haired cousins, but the science itself is murky.

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Also when I had my C-section, they gave me two doses of the epidural, but were still surprised that I could move my feet. But Sessler said his findings on pain perception may extend to a higher risk painful redhead abuse. Current perception, pain perception, and pain tolerance thresholds were similar in the red-haired and dark-haired women at, and 5 Hz. The large diameter fibers can respond to the rapid Hz stimulus while the peruana gay black unmyelinated fibers require several milliseconds of a continuous depolarization period to respond. 6 Aug Researchers believe redheads are more sensitive to pain because of a mutation in a gene that affects hair color. In people with brown, black and blond hair, the gene, for the melanocortin-1 receptor, produces melanin. But a mutation in the MC1R gene results in the production of a substance called. Background: Anesthetic requirement in redheads is exaggerated, suggesting that redheads may be especially sensitive to pain. We therefore tested the hypotheses that women with natural red hair are more sensitive to pain, and that redheads are resistant to topical and subcutaneous lidocaine. Methods: We evaluated. 31 Aug Do Redheads Feel Pain Differently? Not many people know that the color of a person's hair may have something to do with their tolerance for pain. Research shows that people with red hair may have more sensitivity to certain types of pain and require 20%. painful redhead

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